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The acronym, BATTLE,  represents the human population that is marginalized and martyred daily in our communities. BATTLE is a community enrichment program that will bring attention to the apparent divide due to ignorance, religious beliefs, political preferences, and other factors that create biases within the community. In BATTLE, we believe that our voices can instill empathy and compassion into the hearts of those who need it. We reach our goals by utilizing the power of vocal music performance and vocal music education to bring a sense of togetherness to the community. 

Get to know us!

Who we are 

BATTLE is a nonprofit organization that provides musical outlets for underserved people within our community. Professionals within the community come together as volunteers to offer their skills and talent to uphold the mission of BATTLE. 

What we do 

We strengthen our community through vocal music performance and vocal music education by providing performance opportunities and complimentary courses to deepen the understanding of musical elements. 

Why we do what we do 

Vocal music possesses the power to demolish divisional lines between communities. As we share our gifts and help others cultivate their gifts, we can empower the community and the importance of music and music education. 

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Meet the Founder

Meet Jeron Devonté! He grew up in urban parts of Chattanooga, such as Westside Project Homes, Highland Park, East Lake Courts, Avondale, and Alton Park/Southside. Within these communities, there are young boys and girls who are different but are required to be the same as those in society in order to avoid social altercations with those of the community and/or those of their families. Jeron grew up under these exact conditions and diverged himself from them by accumulating his own support system; seeking mentorship from those with experience, finding asylum in self-love and self-efficacy, and aspiring towards bigger and better opportunities for his future. As a multifaceted musician, Jeron is a talented vocalist, choral conductor, and vocal instructor. Along his path toward success, Jeron has created a program that will change the greater Chattanooga community which is driven by biases, stereotyping, prejudice, and racism. With the utilization of vocal music, Jeron has provided a universal channel to execute the mission of Bringing Attention To The Lives Excluded by demolishing the divide through love, forgiveness, kindness, and compassion in our communities. To learn more about Jeron, visit his website at 

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